Hannah Kalejaiye

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Hannah Kalejaiye-Olumolu, MIAD, LLM, ACIArb is a legal professional and scholar, holding a Master’s in International Humanitarian Law from the University of South Wales, UK. Currently pursuing a Master’s in International Affairs and Diplomacy at Ahmadu Bello University, Hannah has over 5 years of expertise as a Corporate Lawyer. Specializing in high-stakes contract negotiation, she has navigated diverse agreements, from joint ventures to teaming agreements.


Certified in Project Management and Human Resource Management, Hannah seamlessly integrates legal acumen with strategic project oversight. As an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Nigerian branch), she is committed to excellence in dispute resolution. Beyond her corporate achievements, Hannah actively volunteers with organizations, extending legal aid to those in need. She stands at the crossroads of law, international affairs, and project management, embodying a dedication to excellence, social impact, and continuous growth.