Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate transactions range from small to big, simple to complex. Having advised clients on several corporate transactions, with a varied range of peculiarities to each transaction, our lawyers are well versed in the field of corporate law and commercial transactions. Our clients are confident in our ability to provide them with sound legal advise premised on case specific factors. Bearing in mind their commercial goals at all times, we proffer tailor-suited solutions specific to their current corporate image and desired corporate identity for the future. Our lawyers are well trained and skilled in the areas of Company Secretarial practice; Legal Advisory; Corporate Restructuring; Contracts negotiation, drafting and review; Privatization; Real Estate verification and structuring; Construction Law Practice; Drafting, Engrossment and Vetting of business documents, Intellectual Property, Construction Law, International Contracts and Agreements; Perfection of Conveyances and other Deeds; Debt Recovery; Real Estate Investment Trusts

Project Management

We advise corporates, institutions and governments on the intricacies of their intended projects, bringing the ramifications of proposed decisions to the fore. We develop the framework for the implementation of such projects and work in tandem with other advisors on such projects acting mainly as coordinators to bring the projects to life, whilst ensuring that our clients are at all times, within the ambits of the legal protection. Our approach to project management is holistic, providing not only technical and specialized skills but also keeping in mind the overall commercial value of the project. We provide opinions on the substantive legislation, conduct appropriate due diligence, advise on appropriate workable structures for the projects, negotiate, review and advise on agreements and deeds which will regulate the activities of all partners to the project.

Capital Market

Mergers & Acquisitions
Following the not so recent economic recession the world over, the pick-up in economic activities is comforting to companies. Within this comfort, are new challenges and new horizons in economic markets. Lawyers and participants in this space are required now, more than ever, to be more knowledgeable and skilled if history is not to repeat itself. Our Firm has an active practice in capital markets covering a wide range of product offerings including Mergers & Acquisitions, Public Offers, Rights Issue, private placements, Securitization, Structured Financing and Syndication, relying on the advice of lawyers who have in-depth knowledge of the complexities of financial transactions. We also have a partnership with a firm of lawyers who specialize in Islamic Banking and Finance.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration has become increasingly attractive to corporations as a preferred dispute resolution mechanism in the course of doing business. Our deep understanding and grasp of the practice of arbitration makes us the preferred choice in this area of practice. By constant training and re-training, we keep abreast of the trends in this evolving area of practice. Our expertise and ability to tailor references to suit our clients’ specific corporate and commercial goals is what inspires them to instruct us over and over again. Our goal is to facilitate business continuity for our clients by ensuring that their disputes get resolved as expeditiously as possible.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Investigation, Review and Watch.
In order to ensure that our clients remain within the confines of the law whilst carrying on business, we advise on legislation regulating whatever sector of the economy within which they operate, alert and make submissions on change in legislation, and provide periodic prompters for regulatory compliance. Our goal, at all times, is to ensure that our clients possess corporate good standing and operate in accordance with international best practices. In achieving this, we advise on sound corporate governance cultures and practices. internal company policies, mandatory regulatory obligations and shareholder engagements. In ensuring that our clients operate favorably globally, we advise on trans border corporate policies, culture specific nuances and cross-border legislation